Accept web mining donations in Monero

Your visitors can donate to you for free with web mining!


Quickly and easily start accepting donations to your website, in a variety of cryptocurrency (Monero, Electroneum, Sumokoin, Intensecoin, Karbowanec, Bytecoin or Bitcoin). Your visitors can donate drectly to you at no cost to them or you. By providing a link to your personal donation page, your visitors can decide mine directly on your behalf. The longer they stay on the donation page, the more mining they do for you. The only cost to them is spare CPU cycles (which they can adjust to their liking).

New! Profit-switching embeded donation accounts!
Add donation wallets for each coin you like, and let us automatically choose which coin your supporters mine-- all without changing your link.

Simple and Flexible Options
You have 3 easy options:
  1. Create a hosted, customizable donation page in seconds!
  2. Embed 1 line of code on your own website for silent operation.
  3. Simple integration for flexible controls and styling (see example)
(Example embeded)

Get started in seconds!

  1. First choose your preferred coin ( XMR, ETN, SUMO, ITNS, KRB, BCN, BTC )
  2. Add your donation wallet, and pick your mining pool
  3. Customize your own donation page with your custom text or include our simple embed code on your own site


  • Incredibly simple- no signups at all. You can be up and running in seconds.
  • Free for you, free for your customers.
  • Lowest fee available-- only 1%.
  • Completely private and anonymous.
  • Honest and transparent to your users. They donate mining to you only if they want to.


Q: Isn't web mining bad? My browser extension blocks them for a reason, right?
A: No, there's absolutely nothing wrong with browser based mining-- it's a great technology. It allows for effortless, distributed donations to exist. The reason why web mining has gotten a bad reputation is that it has been used by some websites to secretly begin mining to earn them money-- without notifiying or asking the visitor.

Q: You must take a huge chunk of the donation, right?
A: Not really. This service ony takes a 1% fee to (hopefully) cover hosting costs, etc. Depending on which mining options you use, there are additional fees added by the pools that range from 0.6%-1.5%. Of course, compared to the 10%, 15% or even 30% fee taken by other web mining solutions, it's the lowest cost option available.

Q: Are you a mining pool?
A. Nope. We allow your visitors to mine for you, from any web browser and you can choose any mining pool you like! If we don't have a mining pool listed, just ask and we can add it in minutes..

Q: How do I get started with mining?
A: If you're new to mining, don't worry, it's Easy! To help get you started in the world of cryptocurrency, we've added some basic Getting Started Guides.


This project is not associated with any Mining Pool at all. All the pools listed are from user requests, so if you would like to see a pool added, just ask!


This service's mining donation is only 1%, compared to other systems that take way more.
So, if you'd like to help me out, buy me a beer, or just be an all around awesome person, I'd truely appreciate it:

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If you have any problems, questions, or whatever feel free to email me:

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