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Instead of donating hard cash. Help keep the vibe alive by donating some spare CPU time on any computers you have access to? Thanks! Hugh


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Please leave this page open to support Party Vibe

By leaving your web browser open to this page, you are supporting Party Vibe. While you read this, your computer's spare processing power is being transformed into a real and meaningful donation to Party Vibe.
Consider how you value Party Vibe, then consider how simple it is to open a tab, leave it and move on to other things.

Q. How much am I earning for Party Vibe?
A. Well, not THAT much. But it all adds up.
So, as a crude example, leaving this page open might do the following:
  • 1 hour: A coin or two in a tip jar.
  • 1 day: ~A cup of coffee
  • 1 week: A pint of craft beer
  • 1 month: A 4-pack of craft beer (those things are expensive)
Q. That's not alot to donate. How else can I help?
A. Many hands make light work. Share this page with as many people as you can. Added together, their contributions can really add up to support Party Vibe.

Q. So just leaving this page open gives money to Party Vibe?
A. Yep. Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) aren't called Magic Internet Money for nothing.

Q. This sounds great. Can I add a donation link to my site too?
A. Of course! It's simple, free, private and secure. Just take a look at our donation overview for more details.