How to accept web mining donations

Step 1. Pick your donation currency
Choose which coin you would like to accept donations with then go that coin's page.
Currently, for domation mining, we offer the following coins: For the sake of this example, we will be choosing Monero (XMR).
On the Monero page, just follow the steps: Pick your mining pool, and add your wallet.

Now you're all set!
You will notice that your web browser has immediately started mining to your wallet.
But you want to accept web mining donations, right? Simple.
You now have 2 choices: Just add a link to our hosted (customizable) donation page, or embed our web mining directly on your own site.

Which is better?
Adding a link to our hosted mining donation page is the easiest choice. We handle all the hosting, bandwidth, and other details for you. We even give a backlink to your website. But, we're no web design experts, so if asthetics are important to you, you may want to choose to embed our code on your own site for complete control.

Embedding our code

Just add the text shown when you click "Show Include Code" to your website, somewhere at the bottom of your <body>
This will silently add your web mining to any page.

Finally, if you wish to give a bit more control to your users, you can easily provide the following control:

To get this control widget, simply place a <div> tag wherever you would like it to appear on your page, with the id of "cfc_donate" like this:

 <div id="cfc_donate"> </div> 

Setup a donation link
The last option is to create a custom donation page. To do this, just click the blue button, and fill out the details as seen below.
You can add the link shown in orange to your site, for anyone who wants to provide donation mining for you!

Still have questions? Just email me!